Constructing Fruit & Nut Dark Chocolate

dark choc 1
I’ve been craving fruit and nut chocolate over the last few days but I couldn’t find any that didn’t use milk chocolate, which doesn’t conform to my current ‘vegan for lent’ diet. As I went a little mad yesterday and bought some huge bags of mixed nuts and goji berries, I thought I’d construct my own.
dark choc 2
I melted 150g of dairy-free dark chocolate on the hob (in a bowl with a pan of boiling water beneath), lined a baking tray with baking paper, and filled it with the chocolate. I chopped (roughly) 50g of mixed nuts and scattered on the chocolate, adding some raisins and a handful of goji berries.
dark choc 3
Then I just popped it in the fridge to set, and it was ready in about 15 minutes. I don’t think the goji berries actually add much flavour (most of the sweetness comes from the raisins) but they look lovely and are supposedly full of antioxidants which makes scoffing several slabs of chocolate feel less unhealthy!

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