Parsnip & Rosemary Soup

Kitsunetsuki Kitchen - Parsnip & Rosemary Soup

I snapped up some super cheap parsnips in my beloved reduced section recently, and I realised I have absolutely no idea what to do with parsnips that isn’t just a pile of roast veg with couscous. A quick search found me this James Martin recipe for roast parsnip and rosemary soup, which I thought I’d try out with a vegan edit (I met and cooked with James last year!). I’m not gonna lie, this was one of those times where you cook something and you can’t quite believe how well it turned out; AMAZING. The parsnip has truly won me over.

Kitsunetsuki Kitchen - Parsnip & Rosemary Soup

I halved the amounts James suggests (what sort of lunatic would want to make soup for 10 people?) and I think it actually feeds more like 2-3, not 5. Presumably his amounts are for a starter, though this isn’t mentioned. I replaced the butter with sunflower butter, and replaced the milk with Alpro almond milk. I used slightly more almond milk than water (350ml:300ml) as I thought it might be a bit too watery without cows milk. I would also recommend roasting the parsnips and simmering the soup for a little longer than he suggests; 20 minutes of combined cooking time for parsnips doesn’t seem likely to get them ‘very soft’.


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