Goji Berry Flapjacks


Today I wanted to make a sweet vegan dessert offering for a birthday get-together I’m going to tonight, but I wanted to make something a bit less time-consuming and healthier than a huge cake. I’ve never made flapjack before but I’ve always been a big fan, so I thought now would be a good first time! Turns out it’s really simple to make, and SO hard not to gobble up all at once when it comes out of the oven. I had a look at a few recipes, got the general idea, and added in a few extras–the goji berries which are supposedly very good for you are a feeble attempt to cancel out the unhealthy amount of sugar. This should make 12-15 squares, I’ll let you decide how many that can feed!


You’ll need:

125g vegan margarine
3 tbsp golden syrup
125g light muscavado sugar
1 tbsp vanilla extract
225g porridge oats
50g dried goji berries



1) Preheat the oven to 180C (fan).

2) Melt the margarine and sugar, then mix in the vanilla extract and golden syrup.

3) Mix with the porridge oats and goji berries, and empty into a baking tin lined with grease/paper/foil.

4) Pop into the oven for 25-30 minutes until brown on top and starting to darken around the edges.

5) Cut into rough squares as soon as it comes out, and then leave to cool for 15 minutes before serving/boxing/gobbling.


I’d like to try this with some dark chocolate drizzled over the top next time–or maybe some chocolate chip chunks mixed in before baking. I can imagine this is a recipe I’ll go back to many times after discovering how easy it is!


4 Responses to “Goji Berry Flapjacks”
  1. Just finished my last one, these were genuinely the tastiest flapjacks i’ve ever eaten! Where did you get the goji berries? They were a really nice change to the usual raisins you get in flapjacks. Maybe i’ll give it a go with some chocolate and see how it goes!

    • hurray! glad you enjoyed them! I got the goji berries from a shop in the centre of Worthing that does big bags of nuts/seeds/dried fruit. I could pick you some up next time they’re open before I’m at work? I think it’d be lovely with chocolate too!

      • Yes please! We still have your lunchbox too, I haven’t forgotten!
        If you can make it to the street diner on queen street next friday I really recommend it. We had Ethiopian food yesterday which was lush. x

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