Marinated Tofu With Udon Noodles & Spring Greens

Kitsunetsuki Kitchen - Marinated Tofu with Udon Noodles

Just a quick recipe to share today–I wanted to make a note of it so I didn’t forget where to find it! We made this yummy marinated tofu with udon noodles and spring greens for lunch today and it was really tasty. I’m trying to get better at making noodle-based dishes interesting as I’ve suddenly started eating stir-fry a lot, and this was a good start. You can find the recipe here at BBC Good Food. (in the top version I replaced some of the spinach with red pepper as I had some spare–and it made a great addition)

Kitsunetsuki Kitchen - Marinated Tofu & Udon Noodles

4 Responses to “Marinated Tofu With Udon Noodles & Spring Greens”
  1. lucyloohoo says:

    Looks delicious!

  2. I saw this and was determined to make it yesterday (we oddly had some tofu in the fridge) but my damn supermarket didn’t have any mirin! i couldn’t see anything that might be a good substitute so I made pad thai instead. but this deffo on my list once I find the tricky ingredient!x

    • I actually used cider vinegar instead as a sort of ‘sweet liquid’ replacement, and a smaller amount of it–I live near lots of asian supermarkets so it’s not hard to get hold of but it’s around £4 a bottle which is a bit pricey for me

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