Adventures in Baking Vegan Doughnuts, Part 2

In my last post on baking vegan doughnuts, I tried out three different recipes, and decided that I wanted to make something somewhere between Zainab’s mini vegan caramel doughnuts (recipe at La Gallette) andΒ Lisa’s vegan lemon doughnuts (recipe at je suis alimentageuse). The key change I wanted to make was using a mixture of both … Continue reading

Beetroot, Basil & Roasted Garlic Risotto

Recently I’ve been trying to work more beetroot into my diet. I never used to be a fan, because I thought the texture was strange, but the colour and flavour is so irresistible that I was determined to find interesting ways to eat more of it. In terms of its nutritional value, according to one … Continue reading

Lemony Avocado Pesto: Revisited

This week I revisited an old favourite recipe (without actually consulting the recipe) and I think I managed to improve it. This recipe for lemony avocado pesto is essentially the same as this one I’ve posted previously, but I thought I’d post it again with the new amounts, which are essentially: less avocado and fewer … Continue reading