Herby Scrambled Tofu


Last year one of my new years resolutions was to start cooking with tofu properly; as is often the case with resolutions, I lasted only a few months. This year I avoided articulating an Official Aim and have just started cooking tofu more regularly. This scrambled tofu has quickly become a go-to breakfast, and is especially good for weekend mornings. One of the key ingredients is black salt (‘kala namak’)–a sulphuric salt which adds an eggy flavour to the tofu. It’s used primarily in south asian cooking so you’ll find it in asian supermarkets or online.

You’ll need (makes enough for 4):

1 pack firm tofu, approx 300g (I’m a fan of the tofoo co.‘s extra firm tofu)
a small onion, diced
1 medium yellow tomato, diced (optional)
vegan “butter” / olive oil
non-dairy milk of choice (ideally oat)
pinch of turmeric
black salt (also known as kala namak)
chopped fresh herbs (ideally chives, parsley and/or dill)
black pepper
toast to serve


1. Fry the diced onion on a low heat until soft. (I like to fry the onion in oil and then add a blob of butter before adding the tofu.)
2. Crumble in the tofu, mix and heat through.
3. Add half a teaspoon of the black salt and a pinch of turmeric–the turmeric is for colour more than flavour, and a little goes a long way.
4. Add the tomato, mix and fry for a few minutes further–this is optional and may depend on the season, but it adds a nice yolky element.
5. Add a small glass of the milk and simmer, mixing regularly. Add more or less milk depending on how creamy you want your scramble.
6. Mix in the herbs.
7. Serve on toast, top with black pepper to taste (also good with radishes!), and enjoy!



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