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Kitsunetsuki Kitchen is the food blog of Laura, who teaches, writes, lives and cooks in Brighton, UK.

I ‘went vegan’ in 2012 and found online resources invaluable for learning how to cook and eat well as a vegan. You’ll find here a collection of recipes (my own, and others–always with a link to the source) posted not nearly as often as I’d like.

Why Kitsunetsuki Kitchen?

Kitsunetsuki is a Japanese term meaning ‘possession by the spirit of a fox’. My family name is Fox. Kitsune are said to love fried tofu (this is why fried tofu noodle dishes are named ‘Kitsune’), and those possessed by a fox spirit are said to have a vast appetite. Unfortunately they’re also said to ‘run naked shouting through the streets’, and kitsunetsuki has historically been used as a diagnosis for mental illness.

Simple Chocolate Flapjacks

10 Responses to “About”
  1. sophiazerg says:

    Your blog is lovely! I’ll definitely be checking out more of your recipes. I am pretty much on the same journey, I am a vegetarian who mostly cooks vegan. It just turned out that way, there was no reason to add dairy products to the meals I made.
    Sophia 🙂

  2. Brendan Gallagher says:

    I absolutely love your photos on your instagram. I’m really curious, what do you use to take the photos with? An iPhone? If so, what kind of filters do you use? I just really like the way your photos look.

    • hi Brendan! nearly all of my instagram photos are taken with an iPhone 5, and I use vscocam to edit them–it’s a great app and well worth the 70p or so that it costs. Hope that helps! L x

  3. Louis says:

    Hi Laura,Louis here I have a question.Whats exactly what you study? In the Netherlands we dont hse the Phd term so thats confusing

    • Hi Louis! So sorry that it’s taken me so long to reply, the PhD has actually sucked up all of my attention in the last month or two! Thanks for visiting my blog–hopefully I’ll be posting more regularly over the next few months.
      The PhD means I’m studying for a doctoral degree, so I’ll spend the next 3+ years writing an 80,000 word thesis on one topic–for me, that’s Victorian culture–and if all goes to plan I’ll be a ‘Doctor’ of English at the end of it.

  4. kalieta says:

    Hi Laura! I nominated you for the Liebster Award 😀 Hope you are doing wonderful!


  5. helenupshall says:

    Hi Laura! Stumbled across your blog simply looking for nice recipes to promote on twitter for a rapeseed oil company I work for, then realised who’s blog I was looking at – friend of Flo’s right?! You’ve got a great looking blog Laura and recipes sound awesome!

    • Yep, it’s me – how funny! I am really awful at posting regularly here and mostly use it as a secondary platform to instagram these days. Very much looking forward to these lighter evenings for photographing food, as I’m sure you are too! x

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