Spicy Potato Wedges with a Minty Avocado and Yogurt Dip

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of potatoes. Strangely, though, I’ve never really been one to make my own chips, of any kind. I’m more of a mashed potato or potato farl kinda gal. I’m not sure what brought on the sudden desire to make potato wedges that I’ve been feeling in the last … Continue reading

Avocado and Kale Pesto

This is a very simple edit of my lemony avocado pesto; it’s essentially the same, but with raw kale in place of the basil! It’s delicious, though, so it deserves a blog post all of its own.   Ingredients (makes enough for one bowl of pasta): 30-40g curly kale, de-stalked 15g pine nuts (more if you … Continue reading

Lemony Avocado Pesto: Revisited

This week I revisited an old favourite recipe (without actually consulting the recipe) and I think I managed to improve it. This recipe for lemony avocado pesto is essentially the same as this one I’ve posted previously, but I thought I’d post it again with the new amounts, which are essentially: less avocado and fewer … Continue reading

Vegan Avocado Shakshuka

There are a few dishes that I used to really love before I went vegan, which I haven’t revisited, as they tend to depend largely on their dairy components. Shakshuka is one of those dishes–cooling eggs poached or baked in a spicy tomato and pepper sauce, which is absolutely perfect as a (relatively) healthy hangover … Continue reading

Avocado Chocolate Mousse with Strawberries and Mint

It’s nice to trick surprise people into enjoying something they never thought they would, and I think avocado chocolate mousse definitely fits that description! These are very rich, so the strawberry and mint (both in season at the moment) are a great touch to lighten the dish. As mousse is served cold it’s perfect for dinner parties, … Continue reading

Chocolate and Nut Cake with Avocado Chocolate Frosting

My housemate Joel had a birthday this week, and I decided to make him a cake. I’ve never made a vegan cake before so I was a bit nervous and wanted to go with something simple to avoid mistakes as far as possible! In the end I went for this simple chocolate cake by post … Continue reading

Avocado Pesto

Pesto is one of my all-time top foods–pine nuts, basil and garlic all come pretty high on my list of favourite flavours. Since it’s traditionally made with parmesan, I needed to find a good vegan alternative. Using avocado in pesto makes it really nice and creamy which completely makes up for the lack of cheese! … Continue reading